How to dress like your favorite cartoon character

“I was really drawn to the idea of the house, of the space, and I just love this idea of, you know, what can I do to make my house better?” he said.

“And this idea about putting a big piece of art in there and then having a place for you to go to hang out, or maybe a big wall for you, or something like that.

I mean, I thought, this is a great idea, and so I started to make it.”

He’s also a huge fan of the show’s mascot, the turtle.

“The turtle, I think, is one of my favorite characters, so I thought this would be an awesome opportunity to have it, you can just go out there and get it.”

In addition to the turtle, the house features a huge wall, which is made of wood and features a giant picture of the Turtle King, who sits in a large throne, sitting on the wall. 

The house is located in a town called Dora the Explorer. 

Dora is a large, abandoned island, which means the house has to be very, very well hidden. 

“The idea was to create something like an escape, but with an actual door, you have to go through the house to get to the door,” He said.

The owner, John Wray, said he’s been working on the project for about three years. 

Worried about the health of the turtles, Wray said he has been looking for a place to store them, and he had been considering moving the turtles into a new home but had decided against it. 

A few months ago, he found out the turtle was sick and needed to be euthanized. 

He told his neighbors about his decision to keep the turtle and the community rallied around him, he said, which made it possible to move forward with the project.

“This house has become a part of my life and it has really become part of who I am, it’s been a big part of the whole project,” Wirry said. 

One of the biggest challenges was convincing the owners that it was a good idea to build the house in the first place. 

There’s no guarantee that the turtles would be happy living in the house but Wray hopes they’ll be able to be happy. 

And if they are, he wants to do whatever he can to make sure they’re happy.

“If I can bring them into this home and give them something to do, that’s the best thing that can happen to them,”  he said of his turtles.

“So I think that’s really important.

I hope they have a good time here.” 

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