Why are you giving the gingerbread houses in your neighbourhood Christmas decorations?

More than 20,000 gingerbread homes were placed in Victoria’s capital, Melbourne, in 2018.

But with the Christmas season approaching, Victoria has decided to ban them altogether.

Victoria is the first state to do so.

Gingerbread homes are not allowed in Victoria unless they are decorated with white and green leaves, or with festive decorations such as wreaths and gingerbread balls.

Some gingerbread owners are angry at the change and said the decorations would have made it easier for children to play at their houses.

“The Christmas decorations will have been replaced with gingerbread decorations,” said one gingerbread owner.

“It is an opportunity for parents to be able to tell their children how much they love their house and they’re giving them a Christmas present.”

The Victorian Government said that all gingerbread buildings were subject to inspection by the Victorian Health Authority (VHA), which would be notified if there was any health concern.

The Government also said the Victorian Department of Health would be contacting the owners of the homes to ask them to remove the decorations and take other measures to prevent the spread of germs.

What you need to know about Christmas decorations: In 2018, the Victorian Government also decided to remove gingerbreads from the Victorian Market, but the ban was lifted in October 2020.

In 2019, the Government announced it was considering banning all types of gingerbread and other decorations in Victoria.

It also decided not to renew Victoria’s ban on Christmas decorations in 2021.

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