Christmas decorations set up for the Grinch

NEW YORK — For a year, the world has seen what happens when a grinch visits the Christmas tree and turns it into a giant gingerbread house.

It’s the kind of thing that has made the holiday season such a big deal, and for good reason.

Every year, millions of children are turned into gingerbread houses, and many families enjoy the joy of putting up these giant holiday decorations, from Christmas trees to Christmas sweaters, as they visit the shops and restaurants of New York City.

But this year, New Yorkers are turning to decorating themselves.

New York City has become home to a new trend, where people have been decorating their homes in a way that makes them look like a Grinch.

The New York Times reports that the Grinches are now popping up all over the city, including in Times Square, where some families have decorated their windows and doors with a large, green, grubby gingerbread tree.

“You can see it’s really hard for children to be able to get a grip on it,” said Liza Gershwin, a senior editor for the Times.

People have been adding decorations to their homes to look like their favorite characters, including Snoopy and Snowball, the paper reports.

Some have even added a Granny Smith to the mix, which resembles a doll or a Santa Claus.

Gershwine says she was thrilled to see the trend spread across the city.

She said she doesn’t mind that it’s a little weird, but she said the idea of having your home transformed into a gingerbread building is a little more normal than the Grinning, Boo-boos of years past.

And it’s not just Christmas decorations that are getting a makeover.

A couple of weeks ago, a small crowd gathered outside a local theater in New York for a “Grinch-themed holiday movie,” according to the Times, which reports that some people took part in the “barking contest” and others decorated their cars with Grinch cars.

More and more people are getting the decorations, too.

Last year, an entire Christmas tree was turned into a miniature version of the Grumpy Cat, and people decorated their houses with a mini gingerbread mansion, according to The New York Post.

Now, people are turning their home into a permanent reminder of what’s to come.

Many of the decorations have been made from recycled materials and materials that were donated from people’s local grocery stores, and some have even included stickers and other decorating supplies to make them look more like real items.

The Grinch is known for his or her grumbling habits and constant whining.

He or she will spend most of their time outside at night, and sometimes will even sneak up on unsuspecting kids in the morning to make fun of them.