Disney’s Frozen’s new Christmas tree is ‘a masterpiece’

Disney’s newest Christmas tree will be the centrepiece of a brand-new holiday event in Australia.

The giant tree, which was unveiled last week in the town of New Caledonia, will become the centrepieces of a new Christmas celebration at Disney’s theme park in Melbourne’s CBD, The Australian Financial Press has learned.

The company has announced that the Christmas tree, made by the Australian firm Burtons Tree and Gardens, will be on display in the Melbourne Town Hall from November 21.

The tree will feature the iconic Disney character characters including the Snow Queen and Olaf, as well as the new Frozen film which is set to open in theaters across Australia in December.

The Disney holiday decorations will be installed in the city on the first Friday of December and will be unveiled on December 14.

The New Caliedonian city is in New Zealand, but is located in Australia’s northernmost state of Tasmania, about 600 kilometres (350 miles) from New Zealand.

Disney’s Frozen Christmas tree in New Caleden, New Zealand Source: Disney Australia/FacebookThe city has become a destination for holidaymakers due to its proximity to Disney’s parks in Florida and Florida International Airport in Miami.

A local newspaper in New South Wales, The Brisbane Morning Herald, reported the new tree will cost about $150,000 to build.

Disney has not revealed how much it will cost to decorate the tree.