How to turn a simple sugar cookie into a spectacular Christmas tree

A sweet treat you could make into a tree and sell for Christmas ornaments has been on the shelves of your local deli and farmers market for years.

But what if you could actually make one?

That’s the goal of a company called Sugar Cookie, which launched a website to sell handmade sugar cookies last month, and its owner is Jennifer Scholtes, who said the idea is not for a profit.

But she is hoping it could help people find their Christmas tradition and give them something to remember them by.

“We want people to remember what Christmas means to them,” Scholts said.

“We want them to feel special.”

Here are a few of the things you can make a sugar cookie for:• A little white candy can be dipped in a syrup that is mixed with honey, vanilla extract and sugar to create the flavor.

You can also use a cookie cutter to cut a cookie in half.• A cookie can be topped with a vanilla bean, or whipped cream.• Some people have even turned a cookie into an ice cream scoop.• And, for those who love to eat sweets, a chocolate-covered cupcake can be filled with a scoop of frosting, sugar and chocolate to make a sweet treat that tastes like a cupcake.

But Scholttes also has some ideas for people who want to decorate their own sugar cookie.

“I think it’s really a perfect time to have a sweet and delicious sugar cookie,” she said.

Scholts is a member of the American Heart Association and said she loves having the opportunity to make cookies for other people and children.

“If you make them, share them and make them a fun part of your family,” she added.

You can order a custom-made sugar cookie on the Sugar Cookie website.