Is this the new “Pork Chops” poster?

Is this new “pork chops” poster a sign of the apocalypse?

Is this poster a symbol of the end of the world?

Are these just some kind of Easter eggs or something?

Read on to find out what they are.

First of all, the posters are not real.

There are no “PORK CHOPS” in them.

These are real posters that were created in the 1990s by the American Society of Civil Engineers.

The first poster, which depicts a pile of corn with a corn-colored skull, is actually a drawing of a corn growing in a field.

In it, a skull is holding up a shovel.

It looks a lot like a skullcap or skullcap-like hat that you might wear for Halloween, which was originally designed by a group of German artists in the 1940s.

The second poster, depicting a person holding up their hands with a skull on them, is the real thing.

It’s from the US Geological Survey’s National Geophysical Data Center.

In this poster, the skull is pointing up in the air.

This is not the first time we’ve seen this poster.

Back in 2010, a similar poster called “Corn Chops, Heads & Corn” made the rounds.

It was designed by an artist in the US, who went by the name “Ned Shute.”

In this poster (seen above), the corn is holding the shovel up in a manner that suggests that it might be the head of the person who is holding it up.

This is not how a corn grows, so this isn’t the same as the “POP-POP” skullcap you might see on Halloween masks.

This poster was published in 2010 and it depicts the same scene, but it was also the last to be approved.