The Latest: Graduation cap decor in Austin, Texas is not ‘real’

Posted November 21, 2017 09:05:51Graduation cap decorations in Austin are not “real” or “organic” because they’re not made out of flowers or sunflowers, according to a new study.

The study, conducted by the University of Texas at Austin, found that only about 4% of the graduating class actually wore the cap.

The researchers compared the students’ reactions to the cap with a questionnaire about their beliefs on what it means to be a graduation cap, and found that many of the students felt they had to buy it for their parents.

A survey by the school found that about 30% of graduating seniors wear the cap, the highest percentage of any graduating class.

But the study found that the majority of graduating students didn’t know whether the cap was a graduation or a graduation accessory, and about one in five students said they had no idea what it meant to wear a graduation decoration.

The survey also found that some students said the graduation cap was not the “right thing to wear” because it was “a symbol of class,” a sentiment that seemed to be supported by the students who said they weren’t sure what they felt about the graduation decorations.

A graduation cap is not the same as an ornament or a flower because they are not made of flowers, and the flower can’t make it through the cap to the next class.

The study also found, however, that a majority of students said that they thought it was important to have a graduation party with friends and family, and that this was a way to celebrate and celebrate the students in their life.

The graduation cap has come under fire in recent years for being perceived as a symbol of privilege and white supremacy, with students protesting and boycotting the school over the years.

The university, however has been praised for its efforts in providing students with information about the symbols and decorations they need to make their graduation caps and accessories.

The school has also been a hot topic in the political world as it continues to respond to growing pressure to remove the graduation caps from classrooms.

President-elect Donald Trump recently tweeted that the cap should be removed from classrooms because it is a symbol for white supremacy.

The University of Austin is one of several campuses that are making their graduation decorations more inclusive, with classes taking place on campus in January, February and March.

The cap has been removed from all campuses and replaced with a rainbow-colored graduation cake, which is made of recycled paper.