How to decorate your home in 2017

This article is the third of a series that will be covering Christmas decorations for the 2019 season.

In this installment, we’ll look at the Disney Christmas decorations that are available for purchase and which will be available to decorators on Christmas Day.

The Disney Christmas decor is a massive, extravagant decoration that can be purchased from Disney Stores, but it is available to purchase at any time from the Christmas Tree at Disneyland, Walt Disney World, and Disney Cruise Line.

Disney has also announced plans to offer Disney Christmas trees in the Disneyland Resort and Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme parks, but that plan has been scrapped. 

In order to make it easy for you to buy your Disney Christmas tree, we’ve put together a list of all the Disney Holiday decorations that can and will be on display for you at the Walt Disney Studios, Disney’s California Adventure Park, and Walt Disney California Adventure. 

These are some of the Disney decorations that we’ve been able to find online that are going to be available for the 2018 season, and we’re not sure if they will be in stores for the upcoming season. 


The Tree of Life (Disneyland) Disney’s Tree of Light is a large, red tree with a lighted path and branches on it that will hang in the air.

There will be two trees on display at Disneyland: the Tree of Hope and the Tree.

 The Tree of Lights is available at Disneyland for the duration of the 2019 Disney Festival of Lights, and the 2018 Walt Disney Music & Arts Festival.


The Christmas Tree (Disney) The Tree will also be available in the Walt Walt Disney Concert Hall, which will include two trees.

The Disney Tree of Harmony is the same as the Tree from the previous year, but this year, there will be three trees, including the Tree that was placed on the stage of the new Hall of Presidents Pavilion at Disneyland.


The Cinderella Castle Christmas Tree The Cinderella Castle Holiday Tree will be part of the 2018 Disney Concert Halls, and it will feature four Christmas trees that can only be purchased for the 2017 Festival of Workshops.

The two that are included are the Tree with its branches, and a different Tree with the branches on top.


The Mickey & Friends Tree (Hollywood Studios) This is the second of the three Disney Christmas Trees that are not on display in the Hall of Presiding Arts at Disney World.


The Princess Tree (Star Wars Land) Disney’s Princess Tree will still be available at Disney’s Star Wars Land, but will be replaced by a Christmas Tree that will also not be on sale.


The Jungle Cruise Tree (Epcot) A new Jungle Cruise Christmas Tree will not be available until at least the 2019 Festival of Flowers, but there will still likely be a selection of different Disney Christmas Tree decorations available for decorating the parks during the 2019 Holiday Season.


The Snow Globe Christmas Tree in the Jungle Cruise Room (Disney’s Animal Kingdom)The Snow Globe is an original and colorful Disney Christmas ornament that will only be available as part of a seasonal celebration at Disney Parks.


The Great Mouse Detective Christmas Tree This new Disney Christmas decoration, created by Walt Disney Imagineers, will be the first in the Disney Parks that is available for sale on a permanent basis.


The Winter Wonderland Christmas Tree  The Winter Wonderland is a giant Christmas tree that will have two trees and a giant ornament on it, but only one will be permanent.


The Little Mermaid Christmas Tree     This is one of the few Disney Christmas items that will not only be on offer for sale, but also for purchase during the Festival of Colors at Walt Disney Springs Resort.


The Belle in the Snow Tree  This new Christmas decoration from Disney’s Imagineers is an entirely new addition to the Disney parks, and will feature a Christmas tree.


The Big Ben Christmas Tree   The Big Ben is an iconic piece of architecture that will replace the Tree in Tomorrowland, and is located in Tomorrow Land.


The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Christmas Tree The Wizardings World of Christmas is the only one of its kind at Disney parks.


The Magic Kingdom Christmas Tree, which replaces the Tree at Disney Springs The Magic Kingdom is the largest of the Walt Disneyland Parks, and houses all of the attractions.

It will be located in the Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disneyland.

It features a large tree, decorated with lights, and presents a unique experience to visitors.


The Haunted Mansion Christmas Tree This year, the new Haunted Mansion decoration will replace The Witching Hour at the park.


The Hollywood Studios Christmas Tree A new Hollywood Studios Disney Christmas is also available, which includes a tree with branches, a festive Christmas tree and more.


The Main Street Electrical Parade Christmas Tree Another new