Facebook bans party decorations from its app in Canada

Facebook announced on Tuesday it will no longer allow party decorations to be displayed on its app, and it said it would remove them from users’ feeds when they are reported as inappropriate.

The decision comes as the social network’s popularity in Canada has declined, and the company has had to work with authorities to crack down on the proliferation of party decorations.

Facebook, which counts about two million users, said it will remove the decorations when it receives a complaint about them.

The company said it does not know the number of people who have reported a party decor to it.

In a blog post on Tuesday, Facebook said it has received many reports about parties and its products.

It said it is working with police to identify and remove these reports and will remove them when it has “found them to be inappropriate.”

Facebook also said it’s working with local police to help them “to identify and identify” parties.

The company said in a blog posting that it has a number of “safer” ways to report a party, such as reporting it through its Community Guidelines, or reporting it to a local business owner or social media manager.

The social network said it also plans to make its mobile app safer by adding a “no decorations” warning, as well as other security measures.