When you’re not dressing up, you’re dressing up at home

Fox Sports’ Jason Gay and Jason Davis discuss what you can wear for Christmas Eve, and how to decorate your home without ruining the decor.

Home decor ideas are trending in the US, and some are being sold online at a discounted price.

Here are some of the most popular ones.1.

Home decor with the kitchen sink, or just a little more?

This is an option in the home decor section of many home stores.

The sink is the most common item to add.

You can use it as a backdrop or even as an add-on.

It can be as simple as a little mirror on a countertop or as elaborate as a dining table or tablecloth.

You could even add a little watercolour or a floral headdress.

You may need to use the sink as a place to put your books.

If you want to add something else, you can either buy a bigger or smaller sink.2.

A kitchen island?

Home decorists often use a garden island as a starting point for their home.

It’s simple to make.

It looks like a table or bench, and it adds up to about 40 square feet.

You’ll need about two inches of clear plastic to fill it with.

You might need to cut out a piece of plastic or put it inside your home to help make it a little bit more sturdy.3.

An indoor space?

Some of the more modern options for a home decorating project are a patio, or a small space for sitting or relaxing in.

The indoor space can be a patio or a mini garden.

It might include a mini fridge, and you can even build a mini outdoor pool.4.

A space to entertain your guests?

A home decorator will usually start by adding a window or door, and then adding a sofa or couch.

The more traditional solution is to put a window open to show the outside world.

Then, add a chair or table to make a small room for people to gather.

You will want to fill the space with as many decorations as you can, or at least a bit of them.5.

A garden?

This option is often used by home decorists to build a garden that’s larger than an average backyard.

They’ll usually choose to make it bigger and larger.

It will need to be a large room that can hold about three or four people.

You need to choose a place that’s open, so that people can come and go, and that you can put a table, a chair, a tablecloth, a garden hose, and a garden watering can.6.

A backyard?

This might be an option for people who want a smaller garden.

You should probably be able to find a place where you can get a table for about four people, a little garden hose for about six, and maybe a small garden table for a few more.

You don’t need a lot of furniture or a garden to build this, but you will want a table and chairs to make the room a little larger.7.

A bedroom?

This could be an easy way to add more seating to your home.

If a bedroom has two beds, you might choose to have two smaller beds.

If it’s a double bed, you’ll need to put more chairs, a sofa, a dining chair, and more furniture around it.

You won’t need to make anything bigger than a table.8.

An outdoor play area?

A lot of people like to add a playground to their home, and to decorating the inside of the house.

You want a play area with a large open space to sit on, and lots of room to have activities.

You also want the room to be bright and inviting.

You probably want to put some plants around the play area to encourage the animals to play.9.

A fireplace?

This may seem like a simple option for decorating, but some home decor experts have a few tips to make sure it’s going to work.

First, make sure that the area around the fireplace is big enough for people in it to have a place for their children to lie down.

They might want a big open area, or they might want something a little smaller.

If the space is a bit too small, you could put a little piece of carpet or a blanket over the area and let the children sit there and enjoy it.10.

A window or a door?

The windows and doors are a great option for adding a little warmth to a home.

You usually want to be able in most homes to close the windows, but not too much.

You’ve probably also heard that the best way to prevent colds in your home is to make your windows and walls as well as your door handles and doors look like they are designed to withstand the cold.11.

A table?

The table is the best option for a holiday table.

It offers plenty of seating for four people and is usually a good option for anyone.

Youll need a few chairs, but that’s about it.