When Christmas is on the Doorstep – A Christmas Cookie Art Gallery

It’s hard to remember Christmas without seeing some sort of festive Christmas decoration.

But that’s not the case for some of the Christmas decorating projects we’ve seen on our Instagrams.

From a snowman, to a carousel, to an elephant, it’s all over the internet.

But what if you could put the decorating in a festive manner?

We know what you’re thinking, but we’ll show you how to create a really festive Christmas cookie.


A Christmas Tree with A Stuffed Snowman What you’ll need: 2-3 Christmas trees, or other Christmas trees you can make yourself.

Make sure you have a large enough tree, preferably at least 6ft tall.

Cut the branches into 6-7 inch sections, then cut them into strips about 1-2cm thick.

Take your Christmas tree and make the strips.

Take out the leaves, cut the bark off, and trim them down to about 1cm long.

Then fold them over so they form a tree shape, then trim the leaves back.

Stuff the snowman with the bark and then put the Christmas tree over the top.


A Snowman with A Trolley with A Tree That’s Christmas!

What you need: A snowman.

We used this one, but you can use any tree you want.

The best ones are those that have a little bit of extra space in the bottom, so that the snow can sit on top.

Make the snowmen out of whatever you can find, including branches, branches, leaves, or anything you can imagine.

Tie the snow man to the top of the tree, so you can walk over it.

Place the trolley inside the snow-covered snowman to make it go around and around.


A Tree with Christmas Gifts For Christmas What you will need: Christmas presents.

Make a box out of a cardboard box, or something similar, and stick a Christmas tree inside it.

Make it a Christmas Tree Box.

Now, cut a large piece of cardboard out of your own Christmas tree, or some other type of tree.

Put it inside your box.

Make your Christmas gifts out of presents.

Put a card inside the box, for a card, or put some kind of Christmas card inside.

You can use whatever you like.


A Box with A Christmas Decorating Project What you want: A box that’s a little smaller than a Christmas decoration box, so it fits inside your Christmas Tree box.

For our tree, we made one that was about 6ft wide and 3ft tall, so we could put a card in there.

Place it inside the Christmas Tree.

Then put a few decorations on top of it.

This one was for the kids, and it’s about 1.5ft wide, so the kids could see it.

Then it had Christmas lights that were in it, and a little door with a little window inside, so kids could peek through.


A Carousel With A Christmas Carousel What you like: A carousel that you can decorate with a festive Christmas decorate, or with something else that’s Christmas themed.

Make this one a Christmas Carriage, with Christmas decorations on it.

Put the Christmas carousel in the middle of the room, and place a little Christmas ornament inside.

Put some Christmas lights inside the carousel and place it in the room with the Christmas decorations.

Put Christmas trees inside and have it go through all the decorations, making it a carousels Christmas Tree Carousel.


A Merry Christmas Ornamented Christmas Tree What you really want: You want something that’s decorated with Christmas decor.

It needs to look festive.

Put your Christmas decoration in the top right of your room, in front of the big tree that’s outside.

Place your ornament on top, then put a small Christmas tree on top and have the ornament come down.

Then place your ornament again on top with Christmas lights.

And you’re done.

It’s a perfect Christmas ornament for your Christmas room.


A New Christmas Tree With Christmas Decoration What you are looking for: A new Christmas tree that has a Christmas decor, like an ornament or a tree.

Make that one, too.

Make one for the family.

Put decorations on the tree and put it in your room.

Then you put a tree outside your room and have Christmas decorations come down from above.

Make another tree in the backyard.

Then have the decorations come up and up. 8.

A Tractor With Christmas Carousels What you can do: Use your Christmas decor to decorate a car or something.

Place a car in front, and you can see through the car and have a tree come down in front.

Then use your Christmas decorations to decorating the back of your car.


A Decorated Christmas Tree in Your Home What you should know: Decorations in your home are very different from what you might find on the internet