How to decorate your house with holiday decorations

By the time Hanukkahs are officially over in December, there will be a slew of holiday decorations on the walls of most homes in the United States.

The decorations have become such a staple in American homes that they are so ubiquitous that we’ll probably be celebrating them all year long.

Here are the top 10 Christmas decorations that will make you feel as if you are part of a festive party.1.

Christmas tree ornament1.

Hanukki Christmas tree.

Photo courtesy of Michael Cascio 2.

Hanuka Christmas tree in San Francisco, California.

Photo by Michael Caccio 3.

Hanuko Christmas tree outside of Los Angeles, California, where the Christmas tree is located.

Photo via Michael Caccio 4.

The Santa Claus Tree outside of New York City, where Santa is on his way to deliver presents. 


Christmas trees at the beach, in New Jersey, United States, United Kingdom. 


A Christmas tree, hanging from a tree, outside of the New York State House of Representatives. 


The Christmas tree at the New York State Capitol, where lawmakers are currently holding their annual Christmas debate. 


The Hanukka Santa Claus tree, located in New York, United State, United Republic of 9.

The Merry Christmas Tree, in San Diego, California 10.

The Holiday Christmas Tree in New Hampshire, United States, Australia10.

Hanuku Christmas Tree outside the New Hampshire Statehouse.

Photo: Michael Cascioso11.

A Hanukku Christmas tree located outside the US Capitol in Washington, DC. 12. 

Hana Hanukkun Christmas tree outside the Japanese Parliament building, Tokyo. 


The Christmas tree on the Chinese Embassy in London, United Korea. 


Christmas decorations at a party in Hong Kong, China. 


Hanukki decorations at an indoor Christmas event at a park in New Delhi, India. 


An interior view of a Hanukkan Christmas tree in New York. 


Santa Claus at the New Mexico State Capitol in Albuquerque, New Mexico. 


Kotaku in Japan: The Hanukkus are the most famous Christmas decorations in the world.

Photo source 19. 

Merry Christmas tree decorated with a Hanuka Christmas decoration outside the Tokyo City Hall in Tokyo, Japan. 


This Hanukko Santa Claus tree at the Matsui Church in Tokyo, Japan 21. 

Gerrymandering Christmas decorations at the Tokyo Art Gallery. 


Boys and girls play on a Christmas tree outside the New York State House. 


Yasuda Hanukkeras Christmas trees at The Yamada Church in Tokuyama, Japan . 


Naughty and Nice Christmas decorations at the New York Statehouse in Manhattan, New YorkState. 


Holiday decorations outside the State House in Washington, DC 26. 

 The Santa Claus at the Washington State Capitol in Washington, DC, UnitedState.27. 

Shopping in the Japanese Capital and Haiyoku in Tokyo.