Australia’s rustic lettering industry to open with $300m investment

The rustic letters industry will open its doors to the public at the end of March.

Rustic Lettering Australia (RLI) has confirmed it will open a new building at a location on the northern beaches of Newcastle to house its existing operations.RLI chief executive Ian Smith said the new building would be open for business “for a period of up to two years”.

He said the facility would offer “a range of services, including services to a range of clients”, and “will also be the venue for a range [of] community events”.RLI will be providing services for the Rustic Letter Writers Association, an association for rustic writing artists, and for the Australian Society for the Promotion of the Arts.

“We’re committed to working closely with local businesses, organisations and the public to create a vibrant and successful local business community, which we believe will drive further investment and employment for the community,” Mr Smith said.

“Our vision is to create the rustic community of tomorrow, where a new era of Australian history and culture can be created, a place where the rustics of tomorrow can thrive.”

Rustic letterers’ associations across Australia, including Queensland, have been grappling with an economic crisis and low participation rates, and RLI hopes to help attract more people into the industry.

Mr Smith said RLI would also continue to provide support for the RLI-run Rustic Letters Writers’ Association, the Rustics of North Queensland (ROLQ) and the Australian Rustic Enthusiasts.

“With the right funding, we will continue to build our business and our support services for our members and their organisations, in addition to the existing RLI services and support,” Mr Mearns said.

Rustics of New South Wales (RNSW) RLI is a “leading rustic-writing association”, which is “dedicated to helping our members make a better living” through the use of the letters industry.”RLI’s goal is to provide a range, inclusive and sustainable workplace for the rustical letters industry and its employees,” RNSW RLI secretary, Mark O’Brien, said in a statement.

“The new building will be a key part of our effort to help support the ROLQ in their efforts to build a thriving community for rustics, the rusticism of which is in the forefront of national and global culture.”

“We look forward to welcoming our new neighbours to the Rustices of New Zealand.”