How to make a rustic wall decoration for your home

The Rustic Wall Decorating Kit includes: •A decorating mat •Two-piece wood frame and planks •Three-piece fabric fabric wallboard •Two decorative plants with a flower and a leaf •One decorative stone with a rose bush and a vine flower •Three decorative rocks with a rock and a stone •Two wooden stakes for securing your wall.

•Wooden frame to secure your wall from the elements.

The kit comes in six colors and two patterns, so you can choose the style and the materials that work best for your house.

The decorating mats and wood frames are made with durable material and come with an elastic band that can be pulled over the mat to keep the mat in place.

Decorators should also take care to get the fabric wallboards to be square, not rounded.

The fabrics can be purchased in different sizes to accommodate different decorators.

To use the wall as a backdrop, use a wood base or fabric to create a flooring.

Decorative plants are easy to decorate with the plant kits.

For example, roses can be placed on top of a rosebush.

For a rustics house, use two rose bushes and one rose.