5 DIY Christmas Home Decor Signs, Christmas Wall Clocks to Add to Your Home

Decor is a part of our lives, but can it really be as simple as a simple Christmas sign?

You might have been surprised to find out that decor is not that simple.

Here are 5 DIY decor signs for decorating your home with the help of some of our favourite decorators.


Christmas Wall Clock Sign – $6 – Amazon.com:  $6.99.

Christmas clock is a big part of most of our Christmas traditions.

The clock is always a big hit with kids and it makes a great addition to any room.

This Christmas clock will make your room feel a bit festive and cozy.

If you love to decorate your home, decorating a clock will be a perfect way to decorat your home. 


Holiday Tree Sign – $14 – Amazon, Etsy, Ebay: $10.95. 

This is a simple and fun Christmas decoration that you can decorate with your favourite holiday tree.

The Christmas tree decorating will make a great gift for anyone and everyone. 


Christmas Candle Sign –  $7.99  – Amazon:  $8.99 This festive Christmas candle decoration will make anyone feel happy and happy.

It’s also a great way to celebrate the holidays with a little extra love. 


Ornamental Wall Clock – $7.49 – Amazon –  Amazon.com, Etsy: ~$7,50. 

The ornament decoration will keep your room cozy and festive. 


Christmas Tree Tree Wall Clock  – $6  – Amazon, Etsy – ~4,00. 

You can also decorate this Christmas tree wall clock with a festive ornament. 


Christmas Clock Decor Sign – Free –  Amazon: $6   – Shop Amazon:  (USD) (Amazon.co.uk) $9.99  Free.

This is another festive decorating that you will love to create.

This decorating is a really simple and simple one.

You can decor the clock with whatever you like and you will be able to decorating with a lot of different styles. 

Free, so if you don’t like it, you can always return it to the store. 

It is a perfect Christmas decoration for those who want to make something extra special. 

Have a look below at five decorating tips to make your Christmas Christmas decorating.