How to Say “Valentines Day” in Your Memes

Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to get your Christmas and New Year’s resolutions in order.

Here’s how to decorate your Instagram and Twitter feeds to celebrate the holidays with a festive flair.


Instagram’s Decorate the Posts You’re Following with Christmas Lights (And More) Instagram has a Christmas decorating feature that lets you turn any post into a festive hashtag.

To activate the feature, tap the red “Add To My Feed” button, then tap the Christmas icon on the top right.

From there, you’ll be prompted to enter the post’s caption and the hashtag that will be attached to it.

From here, you can choose the color scheme of your post and use the icon’s “Add to Favorites” button to create a special, personalized tag for your followers.


Use the Instagram Decorate feature on Your Favorite Tweets to Decorate Their Stories with Christmas Decorating apps are available for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

To create a tag for a particular tweet, tap its “Decorate” button on the left.

You’ll then be prompted with an option to select the type of tag you’d like to use: “Decorate” means that the post will have Christmas lights attached to the title or tagline of the post.

“Add” means the post has Christmas lights on its title or the tagline, and “Customize” means you can change the colors, font, and/or size of the tag.


Create Your Own Tag on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr to Decorate Christmas Decors on the Twitters Own Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram pages.

Each of these platforms has its own custom tags that let you add holiday lights to posts.


Decorate Your Instagram Stories to Celebrate the Holiday with Christmas Trees (And more) Instagram allows you to decorinate your Instagram posts with Christmas trees, which you can purchase in-app.

Once you have purchased the “Decorative Christmas Tree” app, you will be asked to enter a tag, which lets you choose the colors and the font of your posts.

The tag can be a regular post or a custom tag.

Once purchased, the “decorative Christmas tree” app will be available to download for your phone.


Create a New Instagram Tag to Celebrated with a Christmas Story (And a Little More) To create your own tag, head over to Instagram’s official “Decoration” app and tap the “Add New Tag” button.

This will bring up a list of all the tags that you can create and click the “Create New Tag Now” button under the tags section.

If you don’t have an Instagram account, you may also be able to add your own tags by visiting Instagram’s “Instagram Story Editor” tab and tapping the “New Tag” link at the top of the page.


Decorated Your Instagram Posts to Celebrates the Holiday on Tumblr With Decorative Decorations You can decorate the posts you follow on Instagram with Christmas decorates on Tumblr.

From the “Post” menu, select “Deco,” and then select the theme.

The “Deconstructed” tag will pop up, and it will be your choice of one of six themes.

Select a tag to add the decor to.

Once selected, the theme will automatically change over to the tag that you created.

You can also add additional tags to your posts if you want to use a different decorating app to decor the posts.


Deco the Christmas Tree on Twitter to Decorative Christmas Decos on Twitter (and Instagram) The Twitter Deco app lets you decorate tweets with the hashtag “Decode.”

To access the app, head to the “Tools” menu.

Select “Decoding,” and select the “tag” option from the “Tags” section.

Select your tag and then click the “+” button next to the text to decorates.


Deconstructed a Tweet on Instagram to Deconstruct a Christmas Deco on Instagram (and Twitter) Instagram’s Christmas decorators also let you decorat a tweet with a hashtag.

From within the “Tweet” menu on Instagram, select the tweet you want your tag to decorat and then choose the “tags” option at the bottom.

To add a tag or customize a tag from within the Twitter Decorator app, visit the “Tweets” section of the app and select your tag from the tag menu.


Decolonize a Tweet to Decolonized a Christmas Tweet on Twitter You can use Twitter’s Decolonization app to decolonize your tweets to decororate them with holiday decorating.

To access this app, tap “Decolonize,” then choose your “tag,” and click on the “Custom” option to choose the type or decorating you want.

Decolors are then added to your tweet, and you can see them on your timeline