How to build a Boho Christmas mantel

A Boho home decoration could turn your garage into a Bollywood Christmas tree, but the idea has never been done before.

What do you need to get started?

If you want to get your DIY on, we’ve compiled a list of resources for getting started:If you’re interested in finding out more about Christmas decorations, we have a few articles on the subject to help you through the process.

If you need help planning your own Christmas decor, we’ll be posting regular Christmas plans, with a list to follow along the way.

What to buyThe basic kit you need for DIYing your own Boho is a few things:1.

A lamp and candle.2.

A large bowl of glue.3.

A few paint brushes.4.

Some glue.

If your home is a bit less DIY-friendly, you might be able to get by without the first two.

However, the glue, paint, and bowl of glues will add up quickly, so we’d recommend purchasing a couple more.

If not, the materials can be found online.

We’ve compiled the essential DIY items you’ll need to complete the project:5.

A wood frame and sheet of plywood.6.

A couple of sheet screws.7.

A small box of glue and glue gunpowder.8.

Some scissors.9.

A bottle of paint.10.

A bit of tape.11.

A piece of string.12.

A set of nails.

If this sounds daunting, there are some other DIY projects that can be done without glue and wood frames.

There are also a few ideas for other decor ideas, from Christmas themed baskets to the decor of your own house.

How to buy the materialsThe best way to start off your DIY is to look to buy a few different items that will make it easy to work with.

If you want something completely handmade, look for items that are made in small batches.

If your home already has a custom-made Christmas tree that you want, look to find out how that will look.

If it’s more expensive, you may be able see a DIY-minded buyer that can help you out.

You may also want to consider purchasing supplies that will be easy to use, like a few large sheets of ply wood, a few paintbrushes, and some glue.

We suggest buying your supplies online.

If not, we also recommend contacting a local Home Depot.

If none of the supplies you’re looking for is available, you can still buy supplies like these: