How to turn your house into a wall decoration

The design is simple and straightforward.

But the results are truly breathtaking.

The project, called The Wall Art Collective, is inspired by an artist who uses a technique to make her work look like a wall.

The idea is to have a group of artists work together on a single project to create something special.

The results are beautiful.

The Collective consists of nine members: one who creates a custom wall, one who makes custom art, one from a local art group, one an art museum, one a local artist, and one a freelance illustrator.

The collective also has a few partners who help with the art.

The wall project involves painting a wall using paint, clay, and sand, with the help of a professional.

Each wall is then painted in accordance with the individual artist’s style.

The art is then hand-painted by the collective.

Once completed, the wall is hung on a chain and decorated with handmade stickers.

The Collective will continue to create new artwork to help create a lasting legacy.

Artists like Jodie McClure, who lives in the Boston area, says she is inspired to create the Wall Art Collection because she has a family member who was killed in the Aurora, Colo., theater shooting.

“The first thing I did after I found out that there were so many people in Colorado was to start researching their families and the families of those who were involved in that theater shooting,” McClure said.

“The first picture I saw was that woman who was shot.

It was heartbreaking.

I felt like I had to do something to do some sort of memorial for her.

I thought that was something I would do.

And I thought, ‘This is a perfect way to do it.'”

McClure started The Wall art Collective in 2015.

Now, it has grown to include more than a dozen members and hundreds of works.

The Wall’s original canvas, the one in which the Aurora shooting took place, was made in just four days.