‘Snowman’ Wall Decorating for Summer 2018

A summertime home decor theme inspired by snowman wallpaper is on the way to New York City.

Snowman Wall Decoration is designed by the Snowman Group, and the company’s goal is to create a new, seasonal wallpaper design that’s both elegant and affordable. 

Snowman Group co-founder Chris Smith said he wants to create an easy-to-use, cost-effective design that will appeal to a wide range of home decor styles. 

“It’s a great, simple design, but with a little bit of flair,” Smith said.

“It’s not a wall art, it’s not like an artwork that’s out there in the world.

It’s just a wallpaper.”

Snowman is currently looking for an experienced artist to create the designs. 

The Snowman Wall decorating theme will feature a variety of colors and materials including wood, stone, and metal. 

It will also be designed to be easy to clean and maintain. 

Each piece will come with a Snowman Snowman sticker that is a combination of the company logo and a snowman, and each piece will be accompanied by a personal Snowman message.

Smith said that the company is looking for a creative team who can collaborate with the company and the public on the design.

“It all comes down to what the consumer wants,” Smith told Newsweek. 

Smith said the company has been working on the theme for several years.

“We’ve been trying to get a design out there for a while, and it’s really come to fruition,” Smith added. 

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Snowmans Wall Decorate is a collaborative project between the Snowmen Group, The New York Public Library, the City of New York, and The National Snowman Association.