Christmas decorating girl’s room

Christmas decorations in girls rooms and halls have been replaced with Christmas decorations, according to local schoolgirls who are upset at their lack of decoration in the halls.The decorations are made of cardboard, paper, and plastic, and have been decorated by the schoolgirl’s parents.The schoolgirls’ mother is adamant the girls’ […]

Which Christmas decorations are right for your home?

Home decor outlets are growing in popularity, but some people may find it difficult to find the perfect decor.The decorating industry is booming, and now you can be sure that you’re getting the right decoration for your house!Here are the top Christmas lights you should look out for.What are the […]

How to make the perfect 50th birthday decoration

We’re celebrating 50 years of our home on a little island in the middle of a lake.It’s a place I’ll remember forever. And now that I’m here, it’s the place I want to see for 50 years.But this is no ordinary birthday party.I have to start making the decorations.Here’s what you’ll […]

A designer’s take on decorative birdcages

The ornamental bird cages in this article by designer Alex Toulouman are inspired by the designs of the great masters of the 19th century.Each of the 12 bird cages are individually crafted, made of ornamental stones and lined with natural fabric.The bird cages feature three tiers of design and are […]

How to make Christmas trees

The tradition of making Christmas trees has become a major holiday event for millions of people across the world.And now, the world is getting in on the fun.In this series, New Scientist takes a look at how people are getting their holiday decorations and how to make them yourself.