Christmas tree decor tips

Dressing up is always an enjoyable experience, but not always a good idea when it comes to Christmas tree decorations.Here are a few Christmas tree decoration tips that will keep you entertained for years to come.Read or Share this story:

How the holiday season has changed in 2017

Christmas is back, folks!We’re seeing more and more of these festive lights being lit up in homes around the country, and many more of them are starting to light up our homes.The lights that have been popping up are not the only ones.There are some truly stunning decorations, from red […]

‘Snowman’ Wall Decorating for Summer 2018

A summertime home decor theme inspired by snowman wallpaper is on the way to New York City.Snowman Wall Decoration is designed by the Snowman Group, and the company’s goal is to create a new, seasonal wallpaper design that’s both elegant and affordable. Snowman Group co-founder Chris Smith said he wants to […]

How to turn your house into a wall decoration

The design is simple and straightforward.But the results are truly breathtaking.The project, called The Wall Art Collective, is inspired by an artist who uses a technique to make her work look like a wall.The idea is to have a group of artists work together on a single project to create […]