How to make fake Christmas decorations with a cardboard box and glue

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A bird cage decorator is a master at his craft

An air conditioned room in a guest room at a boutique hotel.This ornate cage decorates the floor and walls of the room, with a Christmas tree and a Christmas carol.It’s also filled with a festive decoration that can be put on the window sill to create an artificial snowstorm.READ THE […]

How to decorate your home in 2017

This article is the third of a series that will be covering Christmas decorations for the 2019 season.In this installment, we’ll look at the Disney Christmas decorations that are available for purchase and which will be available to decorators on Christmas Day.The Disney Christmas decor is a massive, extravagant decoration […]


A $8K diamond engagement ring is a good investment for a young man who has just graduated from college, according to his new high school graduation ceremony.But when the jeweler’s assistant asks if the young man can pay $8k for a piece of jewelry, he tells her no.“The diamonds are […]