How to make your own christmas decor for your home

How to decorate your kitchen, bathroom and living room using the tools and techniques you already have in the closet.We’re here to help!-Read moreThe basics:We’re going to walk you through the basic decorating techniques you’ll need for your kitchen and living space, and then we’ll dive into the finer details […]

Which is the best Halloween decoration?

Leaning against the tree and holding a sign reading, “It’s Halloween!” are two of the decorations hanging on the wall at the home of a Georgia woman who made her mark in the world of Halloween decor.Mimi Lee was born with a rare condition that causes her to have one […]

Which house decorations can you decorate?

The house decor world is full of surprises, but what exactly is the right decor for your home?We’ve put together a list of things you should know if you’re thinking about decorating your home.1.The number of bedrooms is always important.There are so many options out there to suit your needs, […]


A $8K diamond engagement ring is a good investment for a young man who has just graduated from college, according to his new high school graduation ceremony.But when the jeweler’s assistant asks if the young man can pay $8k for a piece of jewelry, he tells her no.“The diamonds are […]