A $8K diamond engagement ring is a good investment for a young man who has just graduated from college, according to his new high school graduation ceremony.But when the jeweler’s assistant asks if the young man can pay $8k for a piece of jewelry, he tells her no.“The diamonds are […]

Christmas decorating girl’s room

Christmas decorations in girls rooms and halls have been replaced with Christmas decorations, according to local schoolgirls who are upset at their lack of decoration in the halls.The decorations are made of cardboard, paper, and plastic, and have been decorated by the schoolgirl’s parents.The schoolgirls’ mother is adamant the girls’ […]

‘Snowman’ Wall Decorating for Summer 2018

A summertime home decor theme inspired by snowman wallpaper is on the way to New York City.Snowman Wall Decoration is designed by the Snowman Group, and the company’s goal is to create a new, seasonal wallpaper design that’s both elegant and affordable. Snowman Group co-founder Chris Smith said he wants to […]

How to make a rustic wall decoration for your home

The Rustic Wall Decorating Kit includes: •A decorating mat •Two-piece wood frame and planks •Three-piece fabric fabric wallboard •Two decorative plants with a flower and a leaf •One decorative stone with a rose bush and a vine flower •Three decorative rocks with a rock and a stone •Two wooden stakes […]