What you need to decorate your home for Halloween 2018

Engadgle.com is your destination for home decor ideas, including birthday decorations, and Halloween decorations for the whole family.We have a collection of Halloween decorations ideas for kids, adults, and pets.Here are some of the best birthday decorations ideas you can put up in your home this Halloween.1.Home Party Wall Art2.Home […]

Which Christmas decorations are right for your home?

Home decor outlets are growing in popularity, but some people may find it difficult to find the perfect decor.The decorating industry is booming, and now you can be sure that you’re getting the right decoration for your house!Here are the top Christmas lights you should look out for.What are the […]

A designer’s take on decorative birdcages

The ornamental bird cages in this article by designer Alex Toulouman are inspired by the designs of the great masters of the 19th century.Each of the 12 bird cages are individually crafted, made of ornamental stones and lined with natural fabric.The bird cages feature three tiers of design and are […]

Why I Love My Son’s Kitchen Decor Ideas

The kitchen of a young family.Photographer: Michael Kwan/Bloomberg News, Getty ImagesFor many families, there’s a simple, but incredibly effective way to celebrate a birthday or anniversary, even if that’s only in the form of a little gift or a new kitchen decor.While these days it’s becoming common to have a […]

Christmas tree decor tips

Dressing up is always an enjoyable experience, but not always a good idea when it comes to Christmas tree decorations.Here are a few Christmas tree decoration tips that will keep you entertained for years to come.Read or Share this story: http://usat.ly/1zjL7f0

How the holiday season has changed in 2017

Christmas is back, folks!We’re seeing more and more of these festive lights being lit up in homes around the country, and many more of them are starting to light up our homes.The lights that have been popping up are not the only ones.There are some truly stunning decorations, from red […]