How to make Christmas trees

The tradition of making Christmas trees has become a major holiday event for millions of people across the world.And now, the world is getting in on the fun.In this series, New Scientist takes a look at how people are getting their holiday decorations and how to make them yourself.

Why I Love My Son’s Kitchen Decor Ideas

The kitchen of a young family.Photographer: Michael Kwan/Bloomberg News, Getty ImagesFor many families, there’s a simple, but incredibly effective way to celebrate a birthday or anniversary, even if that’s only in the form of a little gift or a new kitchen decor.While these days it’s becoming common to have a […]

What Halloween decorations should you put up in your home?

Posted December 15, 2018 05:13:49 Halloween decorations have become a favorite of many parents, with many parents making the decision to decorate their homes with them.But is Halloween decoration really safe?The question is one that parents and kids are asking themselves.The short answer is that it depends on the decor.Many […]