How to make your own christmas decor for your home

How to decorate your kitchen, bathroom and living room using the tools and techniques you already have in the closet.We’re here to help!-Read moreThe basics:We’re going to walk you through the basic decorating techniques you’ll need for your kitchen and living space, and then we’ll dive into the finer details […]

Which indoor hallows decorations are most popular?

In an attempt to make life more peaceful for children, the state legislature on Tuesday approved a new bill to limit outdoor decorations at indoor parks.The bill would make it a felony to put up anything that resembles a traditional holiday display, such as Christmas trees, Christmas lights, ornaments, or […]

How to decorate your Christmas tree

Decorating your Christmas trees is not only a fun way to celebrate the season, but it also is an important part of your Christmas traditions.But can you really do it right?We spoke with some experts to find out.1.Don’t cut off the end of the tree.The end of a Christmas tree […]

Which is the best Halloween decoration?

Leaning against the tree and holding a sign reading, “It’s Halloween!” are two of the decorations hanging on the wall at the home of a Georgia woman who made her mark in the world of Halloween decor.Mimi Lee was born with a rare condition that causes her to have one […]

When you want to make an original home

A tropical garden in the Bahamas, with an ornate wall decoration, has won a prestigious New Scientist prize.The design, called Butterfly Wall, has inspired several other designs by architects, who hope to create more unique environments for their clients.The winner of the 2015 New Scientist Design Award is a Caribbean […]