How to build a Boho Christmas mantel

A Boho home decoration could turn your garage into a Bollywood Christmas tree, but the idea has never been done before.What do you need to get started?If you want to get your DIY on, we’ve compiled a list of resources for getting started:If you’re interested in finding out more about […]

How to make a Christmas tree

It’s easy to make an adorable Christmas tree for your home, but finding the right gift for a loved one can be tricky.The following tips and techniques will help you create a perfect Christmas tree.1.Choose a tree that looks like it belongs in your home.While it may look like an […]

How to make a rustic wall decoration for your home

The Rustic Wall Decorating Kit includes: •A decorating mat •Two-piece wood frame and planks •Three-piece fabric fabric wallboard •Two decorative plants with a flower and a leaf •One decorative stone with a rose bush and a vine flower •Three decorative rocks with a rock and a stone •Two wooden stakes […]

What you need to know about the Christmas decorating craze

Fox News’ Christiane Amanpour sat down with one of the hottest wedding decorating trends this year.She asked, “What’s your favorite Christmas decor decorating trend right now?” This year’s trend is a little different.The decorating industry is now embracing this year’s season and we asked Amanpour what we could learn from this […]